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About us

Grs Natural®  is a brand with many years of experience in leather craftin.  


Our products are 100% natural and hand-made, The Company is based in Greece.


Our philosophy is to always try to build the best relationship with our partners and customers.


Why #Merino?
Merino is the best that nature has to offer. Smooth to silky touch, Breathing and moisture control: Merino wool has the ability to breathe and absorb moisture from the skin (up to 40% of its weight!) And then releases it in the air. Unlike synthetic materials, this property keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, This means you will not feel sweaty, #Merino wool keeps the body at ideal temperatures so it does not cool or overheat. Reduces skin allergies: Merino wool unlike conventional wool has a silky outer layer that makes it extremely smooth Merino is very soft and comfortable in contact with the skin without itching and As it creates a natural microclimate it is absolutely safe to even used in babies with eczema, allergies and sensitive skin. It has a natural elasticity that gives it superb application in every movement Also it does not keep odors as it has the ability to breathe and there is no need for tog measurement like synthetic materials. Merino is 100% biodegradable and self-recyclable, environmentally friendly (not #plastic not #synthetic) environment.
The only, responsible, choice.

Do not you believe us?       Google it '' Merino ''

Grs Natural®

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